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If You have planned to open business in Spain, then you first need to register a company. The most common forms of legal entities in Spain are:

  • Sociedad Anonima (S. A.), a public company with limited liability
  • Sociedad de Responsibilidad Limitada (S. L.) – limited liability company

In Spain there are no restrictions on foreigners wishing to open own business, the owner of the company can be both resident and non-resident. Currently, the most popular sectors for investment are: computer technology, construction, services, tourism and hospitality, trade, public catering, as well as residential and commercial property. For a new company registration takes about 15 days. If you need to open a company remotely, in this case, all processes will be carried out on Your behalf through a power of attorney notarized. All You need to do is to issue a power of attorney on our lawyer. The power of attorney must be translated into Spanish and put an international stamp.

    Brief characteristics of the Sociedad Anonima (S. A.) - open joint stock company with limited liability:

  • The minimum share capital of 60,000 €. The entire capital must be subscribed by the shareholders and the minimum size of the capital is paid at the time of registration 25%. In case of representation of capital in terms of money and property required of an independent expert evaluation;
  • The number of shareholders is not less than 1, the maximum number of shareholders is not limited;
  • Shares as registered and not registered to the bearer, different classes with the right and without the right to vote;
  • Shareholders may transfer their shares to third parties, provided you add the appropriate entries in the register of shareholders of the company;
  • Management of the company can be the sole Director or equal two Directors or by the Board of Directors, consisting of at least three Directors.

        Brief characteristics of the Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada (S. L.) - Companies with limited liability

  • The minimum share capital is 3 000 € , must be paid in full at the time of registration.
  • The number of founders not less than 1, the maximum number of founders is not limited.
  • The founders have limited liability;
  • May not issue bonds and/or other negotiable securities;
  • Management of the company may be either the sole Director or equal two Directors or by the Board of Directors, consisting of at least 3 Directors.

        Stages of registration of a company:

  1. You must submit at least 5 names to check with the Register of business names of the businesses. The company name must be unique, as a rule, this procedure takes 5-7 days. Full company name must contain the acronym Sociedad Limitada or Sociedad Anonima (organizational and legal form). To in the title contained special words, such as a Bank or insurance company, required an additional permit. You must also find out whether you need a license for your activity. The certificate on the right to the name of the company (Certificado de Denominacion Negativo).
  2. The minimum share capital for S. L. 3000 €, which should be at the expense of the company at the time of official registration with the appropriate registering authority of Spain.
  3. To become a founder, you must obtain a foreigner identification number (NIE - Numero de Identificacion Extranjeros). Usually the procedure takes 2-3 days.
  4. Opening a Bank account, is done to obtain a temporary current account, for the purpose of depositing the share capital. To open you must provide the Certificate on the right to the company name. After you open an account and Deposit Charter capital, the Bank issues a certificate (Certificado del Desembolso Efectuado).
  5. Bylaws - Escritura. Memorandum and articles of Association of the new company - in Spain it is a single document and not two different ones. Documents on the establishment of the company signed by a notary. The time of signing the Escritura is the formal act of establishment of the new company. A notary public is a certified copy of the Escritura to the tax authority and receives the identification number of the taxpayer - legal person (CIF).

       Statutory documents should contain the following information:

  • full and abbreviated name of the company;
  • the purpose and business of the company, you need to specify several key areas;
  • chosen (appointed) by the administrator of the company;
  • the location of the company;
  • the amount of the share capital and nominal value of the share of each participant.

Documents required for company registration in Spain:

  • Name;
  • Tax regime;
  • Open a Bank account in Spain;
  • Share capital;
  • Paid state duty for the opening of S. L.;
  • The Charter, which prescribes the organization and activities that are checked and certified by a notary;
  • Identification number (N. I. E);
  • Tax number (C. I. F), which is issued on the basis of the Estatutos in the tax service;
  • Documents for office rent;
  • Data on the founders.

The founder is a natural person provides personal information:

  • Name;
  • Citizenship;
  • Date of birth;
  • The place of registration.

Our Agency Alicante-house will provide advice and legal support in this area, and also ensures that will receive the specified documents and registered company in Spain "turnkey" in the shortest possible time.


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