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Our company Alicante-house carries out its activities in the sale and rental of real estate in the province of Alicante (Costa Blanca) and surrounding cities for more than three years. Why Alicante? One of the main advantages – price. Comparing with other Spanish resorts, property in Alicante is still available for investing in foreign real estate. The location is unique: rail and air traffic is very developed, so for example, on a high-speed train takes you to Madrid in 2.5 hours and Barcelona within 4 hours. Valencia is a great highway, the journey time is 2 hours. Attractive place and a number of other reasons: Mediterranean climate, warm current along the coast a ridge of hills, enclosing the area allow you to enjoy the sun 300 days a year and extend the swimming season from late March to mid-October. The average annual temperature is 20°C, the winter temperature does not fall below 10°C, in summer ranges from 23°C to 35°C. This weather has a positive effect on health, relieves asthma attacks and is well affects Allergy sufferers. Many people come here specifically for medicinal purposes. Developed infrastructure, a wide range of natural, environmentally friendly products in shops, the availability of medical institution of the highest level. Separately is to tell about the education system, the choice of kindergartens and schools is varied, there are free state schools and private colleges, such as the British school and French school. At the entrance to the city is the famous Elegantiskai University with many faculties, where students from around the world.

The region is also interesting for those who deeply study of history and archaeology, here was found a unique archaeological site and is an amazing historical monuments.

The mild climate, the geographical location, the local people's love of the sport opens up tremendous opportunities for those who lead an active lifestyle. Tennis and football, horse riding and Golf, Cycling, sailing and kitesurfing, and this is not all.

Varied cuisine, based on fresh and natural foods, rich in fish, seafood and vegetables. Countless cafes, restaurants and taverns, where the average check per person is not more than 12-15 euros including a glass of wine.

The hospitality and tolerance of the local population makes you feel comfortable and tourists and people who have chosen this place for permanent residence.

The last 10 years, Spain experienced an economic crisis, and now there is a gradual recovery of the economy, and today the investment attractiveness is high.

So You've decided to change the noisy metropolis in a quiet town on the Mediterranean coast or thinking about buying a garden 500 metres from a sandy beach. First of all, the question arises, where to buy and how to do it? We will gladly share with You our experience and guard against wrong steps. Will help to determine the choice of location, collection of necessary documents and registration of various securities. The specialists of our Agency will provide You with comprehensive and truthful information, will consult on all questions of purchase of real estate in Alicante.

We build our work so that we would recommend to their friends and acquaintances.



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