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In Alicante the season of voyages on the "Isle of Tabarca".

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In Alicante opened the season the ferries that deliver tourists to the island of Tabarca. (New Tabarca). The journey time is about 50 min. Cost for 1 adult 19 Euro (return ticket), children under 4 years free, children from 5 years as an adult. The local population of the island is negligible, in winter it is home to not more than 30 people. The main activity of the locals is the tourism industry. In the summer season the island is visited by about 3 000 tourists per day.

Tabarca island beckons with its cozy and small beaches with crystal clear water, gorgeous landscapes, historical sites depicting the history of the island. It is the only inhabited island in the Valencian community, his second title of "Island of dogs". This nickname he received in the 18th century because of the Berber pirates who hid their ships off the coast of the island, to make armed raids on elegantiskai coast. The Spanish ruler king Carlos III ordered to build on the island a fortified city, some buildings have survived to the present day and serve as cultural and historical heritage. Defensive towers San Jose, city walls and Gateways of the San Gabriel, San Miguel and San Rafael. The Governor's house, standing in the centre of the island.

Aside from beaches and the historical monuments, the island is famous for its restaurants offering varied cuisine which is dominated by seafood, and of course traditional Spanish cuisine. Many souvenir shops and shops where you can buy products of local residents, and to find memorable trinkets. This is an amazing piece of nature, well worth a visit, it will give you an indescribable atmosphere of pleasant impressions.

Tabarca island was officially declared a historic-artistic monument in 1964, and in 1986 the island and its surrounding waters, was recognized as the first in the history of the Spanish marine reserve.

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