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Spain took the 34th place among the happiest countries in the world

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Spain was 34th in the list of the happiest countries, which included a total of 155 States. According to the "world report on happiness", compiled by the United Nations, the country scored 6,403 points out of 10. Compared to last year, when she received 6,361 points, Spain has risen by four points, ahead of Italy, Portugal, Greece, Romania and the Baltic States.

The report, which this year was compiled by the fifth time, produced a Network of solutions for sustainable development (SDSN), and Columbia University. Experts analyzed the level of happiness of the residents of 155 countries, while taking into account criteria such as the political system, the resources available, the level of corruption, education, healthcare and several others. The final conclusion was made on the basis of data obtained in the period from 2014 to 2016.

The happiest country with a score of 7,537 points out of 10 was Norway, which ousted Denmark ranked second with a minimum margin in the estimates. The top ten also includes Iceland, Switzerland, Finland, Netherlands, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Sweden. 11 Israel took place, and the 12th – Costa Rica. USA got 14 line, and the results indicate "the drop in the level of happiness" since 2007. In turn, the position of China, which took this year place 79 remain unchanged compared to 1990: after a serious decline in the first years of the XXI century, the country managed to regain lost ground. The last in the list with a score of 2,693 points became the Central African Republic for several decades is experiencing a serious humanitarian crisis. On the lower ranking positions also Burundi, Tanzania, Syria, Rwanda, Togo, Guinea, Liberia, South Sudan and Yemen.

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