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Costa Blanca. In the second quarter, prices on the secondary market increased by 5%.

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In this article, we will present statistics on the rising cost of resale property on the Costa Blanca. Price of square meter in the secondary market in the second quarter of this year averaged 1331 is 0.9% higher compared with the figures for the first quarter and 5% higher than the same period of 2017.

Rapid growth was recorded in the resort towns:Benissa (+ 21,6%), Gran Alacant (+ 13.0 per cent), Denia (+ 9,4%), Torrevieja (+ 9,4%), IBI (+ 9,1%), ASPE (8.4%) and Albatera (+ 8,4%), Alicante (+ 6,4%). Benidorm remains the most expensive, the average price per square meter is 2041 €, an increase of 7.1% compared to last year. Followed by a marshmallow with a price tag of 1878 € per square (+ 4,7%); Calpe - 1854 € (+ 4.5%) and l'alfàs del PI - 1799 €. On the other hand, the cheapest is Bigastro - 535 € per meter, Novelda - 528 and Kallos del Segura - 561 €. The most expensive and sought-after district in Benidorm is the Beach of San Juan, a square meter on the secondary market starting from 2025 € (same price in Benidorm), not to mention the new buildings, where the price tag starts from 3009 € per m2. In comparison with last year the increase in prices recorded at the level of 6.4%.

And now we present statistics on the prices in the main areas of Alicante:

In the Central part of the city, a square meter of secondary housing costs in 1897 €, which is 11.3% more than a year ago. Areas Villafranca and Santa Phases have the most affordable housing in the city - 887 € per meter. In San Blas you will have to pay an average of 1270 €. Such areas as PLA, La Goleta, San Anton stand up to 1136 €; Campoamor, Carolinas and Altozano to 901 €. Not much has changed price in the areas of Benalua, La Florida and San Gabriel, the average cost per m2 reaches 1106 €. In the area of Vistahermosa to buy real estate for 1375 € per meter. In areas of Los Angeles, Tomball and San Nicolas price is not more than 900 € per square.

Stable growth of real estate prices is observed in this region for the fifth consecutive year and due to several factors: high profitability from the lease of tourist accommodation attracts investors from other countries; improving the banking system ensures the availability of mortgage programs; reforms in the labour market, helped to reduce unemployment.







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