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When the skin has gained a long-awaited chocolate shade, and relaxing on the beach rather boring, it's time to explore the main attractions of the city of Alicante. The attention of tourists the most interesting of places to visit!

The Castle Of Santa Barbara

Fortification with a long history is inspected from any point of the city. During its existence it came under the domination of the Greeks, the Romans, the Iberians. In the IX century, the Muslims built a fortress here – the progenitor of the modern. The strengthening of an important strategic role, defended the whole of the Costa Blanca from invaders. In 50-ies of the XIII century the castle was conquered from the Moors by king Alfonso X.

Today, Castillo de Santa Barbara is reserved for decoration. The on-site historical Museum, in the concert-hall performances by local musicians and singers, exhibitions. To get to the highest point of construction on a high-speed lift (worth 2.8 Euro) or on foot along the way by studying the architectural developments of the Valencia region, tapering streets.

The Fortress Of San Fernando

On the wave of General mobilization for the defense of the Spanish Alicante from Napoleon's army, a project was developed defensive castle on the hill of the mountain Tossal. At the time the building was erected in a record time of 3 years (1812).

Castillo de San Fernando – a combination of two bastions. North has the shape of an irregular polygon South of the cone with truncated top. The towers are connected by a transitional wall. In the last few years, local authorities took up the matter of beautification of the territory around the fortress. Here is a beautiful Park area where you can go on a picnic with the family, Jogging tracks, Golf course etc.

The Cathedral Of St. Nicholas

Cathedral Shrine located in the heart of the city. Here is guaranteed to have something to watch. Down to the SEVENTEENTH century on the site of the Cathedral stood a Muslim mosque. After its destruction the building was constructed in the Renaissance style (1660 ad) and named after the wind the patron Saint of Alicante. Designed the building known throughout Spain architect Juan de Herrera. Huge doors, made in the Baroque style, unique in its kind. Special attention is given to the dome of deep blue, reaching 50 meters in height. In the center of the Cathedral guests are greeted by a massive altar with gilding and openwork ornaments. In the local chapel the relics of the saints.

The interior of the Shrine is rich to read it, will have to stay here more than one day.

The Basilica Of Santa Maria

Among the five most important sights of Alicante. The architectural style is Gothic. Period of construction – XIV century. The Church is the oldest in the city and erected to commemorate the expulsion of Muslims from the territory of the state.

The Central arch Basílica de Santa María is made in the form of a star, the decision of the architect Juan Batista Borja became her "calling card". Chapels of the temple are connected by an arc with pointed tips.

Inside basilici several large halls with gilded altars, chapels, chapel and sculptures in the Gothic style.

Old town

Where to go to feel the life and history of the local population? In district of Santa Cruz. To find it will not take long, narrow, winding streets lead directly to the mountain Benacantil.

It seems that even a few moments ago, you were enveloped in the noise, the melodies wafting from the cafes and buzz of the crowds the same tourists. Santa Cruz embraces the silence stirs with loneliness. Old buildings have estresantes, the Windows are metal bars a long time need to be painted. Doors are wooden, often dirty white, but there are bright, colorful. The lack of trees and large flower beds residents compensate by filling the balcony with pots of plants.

For reviews of tourists in the evening this area gets busy due to the local cafes and taverns, where you can hearty meal or just enjoy a glass of local wine with a traditional ham and cheese. Nightlife lovers can have fun in night bars and discos.


More recently, a large picturesque coastal object values has become one of the symbols of the city. It is located in Central Alicante, close to the pedestrian Boulevard Espalande. Marina begins the urban Postiguet beach and stretches along the entire waterfront. Every day here come passenger and cargo vessels. Part of the port along the seafront equipped for yachts. Extra fee here they are washed, filled, if necessary, repair.

All excursions on the sea and on the nearby Islands starting here too.

A family holiday in Alicante will appeal to all. Here is where to go and lovers of ancient architecture, and admirers of historical values, and the adherents of modern technology.


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