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Alicante is a picturesque city on the Mediterranean coast. Located close to major tourist centers of Valencia and Barcelona, he attracts no less tourists. Its popularity the highlight of the Costa Blanca owes affectionate sun, hundreds of kilometers of beaches with sand pale gold color and a boundless sea. It's time to tell what the climate in Alicante and when is the best time to come here?

The province is located in the Mediterranean climate zone. From the North from cold winds penetrating the territory and protect the mountain ranges. The weather here is moderately constant, the amount of precipitation is small. They fall in early spring or mid autumn. In the year, the number of rainy days is rarely more than 40. The arid climate has determined the particular characteristics of vegetation. Here fit only representatives of the tropical world that do not require frequent watering and plenty of moisture. This city is buried in verdure, there are more palm trees!


It's the perfect time to visit the resort. The air begins to warm up, flowers bloom, filling all around amazing flavor. Until mid-may the water temperature is cool enough – 17-19 degrees Celsius. The average day temperature rises to 25 - 27 degrees, and in the evening and at night the temperature drastically falls, so going to relax in Alicante at this time of the year, will have to stock up on warm things.


All guides repeat one – it is better to go to Alicante in the summer. The weather is hot, at noon the thermometer column can rise up to 35-37 degrees. Smooth out the situation sea breezes, favoring the long-awaited coolness. Most tourists spend days of your holiday on the beaches. Someone is on a sun lounger in an effort to gain a chocolate tan, someone saddles up jet ski, and someone dedicated to beach volleyball. They all share a desire to dive in the clear waters of the Mediterranean, which warms up to 26 degrees!


In September and October, tourists roam the expanses Аlicante in search of the best beaches. Divers still explore the underwater world of the Costa Blanca, surfers try to tame the waves. In the second half of October, the temperature can drop to 20 degrees, and at night up to 15 with a plus sign.


Snow and frost you will not be surprised here. The average daily temperature is 10-12 degrees, mostly calm. The rains are extremely rare. This is the best time for tranquillity and relaxation, sightseeing without the crowds and exorbitant prices on the rest. Your journey to Alicante, you can combine with the shopping, because right after Christmas and new year holidays beginning of sales, reaching 50% -70% discounts.

The "hot" season

Starting on the 10th of June and until the end of August here is the amazing weather, which opens up unlimited opportunities for recreation. At this time in the South of Spain prefer British, French and Germans. Russian-speaking tourists are in the minority. For local merchants, owners of souvenir shops, bars and restaurants this time is a piece of cake. With the price of the tickets and rooms in hotels increases the cost of food, alcoholic beverages, etc.

The beach season of record length from the end of may to end of October. You can swim, develop water sports, ride boats and just enjoy life.

The "cold" season

Immediately after the closing of local beaches (early November), Alicante, Spain transformed from an expensive resort in port workaholic. The number of tourists falls sharply (along with prices of basic services). This time is a great opportunity for budget travelers to experience local flavor, visit the historic monuments, etc.



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