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In Spain there are four main types of residential property.

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In Spain there are four main types of residential property: apartment, townhouse, house, Villa. Each of which, in turn, presented several options.


Apartment (Piso, Apartamento) is the most common type of property in Spain. Apartments are measured in bedrooms, not the total number of dwellings. The term "apartment" means the apartment consists of a living-dining room, two bedrooms, kitchen and one or two bathrooms.

Studio (estudio Piso, Apartamento estudio) consists of one room that serves both as a living room, a bedroom and a kitchen.

Duplex apartment (Piso dúplex, Apartamento dúplex) - apartment, occupying two floors. On the ground floor are usually located: living room, kitchen, bathroom and a guest bedroom on the second floor there are other bedrooms and bathrooms.

Penthouse (Ático, Piso ático) - apartment located on the top floor of a multistory building. Costs more than conventional apartments with panoramic views from the Windows. Normally penthouse has a spacious terrace (Solarium), which area may be the area of the apartment. The terrace can be located on the floor or the floor above, ie on the roof.

Two level penthouse (Ático dúplex) - apartment located on the last two floors of a multistory building. In the same way as single-level penthouses have spacious terraces and solariums. The more area, the more bedrooms, the greater number of balconies and terraces.

Loft (Loft), This type of housing is a room of an abandoned factory or other industrial building, completely renovated for housing.


Town house single storey (Bungalow) single storied residential house with several apartments, with isolated inputs (ie, without a common entrance), each home has its own private entrance from the street.

Townhouse, ground floor (Bungalow planta bajo) Apartment located on the ground floor of the Townhouse. It is possible to get through a small personal patio that is commonly used as a garden, Playground or place to Park the car.

Townhouse, upper floor (Bungalow planta bajo) apartment on the upper floor with a separate entrance. Has a spacious terrace and private Solarium, occupying the entire roof.

Townhouse duplex (Bungalow dúplex, adosado) - both floors of the Townhouse owned by the same owner. Always has a small courtyard and private terrace and/or Solarium. Corner Townhouse usually is more expensive because it has large land and less neighbors.


House (chalet casa) is a detached house with its own plot of land. The main difference from the Villa – the size of the living space and the size of the plot.

Semi-detached house (chalet adosado, casa adosada) - the house on 2-4 host with separate entrances, their own plots, personal terraces and solariums.


Villa (Villa Villa de lujo) – a status property, which is considered a symbol of high wealth, comfort and privacy. The price usually depends on the size of the house, the area of land and distance from the sea.


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