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The attractions of Alicante the Spanish distributed throughout the province. For their comfortable visit in the city-established public transport.


The most common and popular position – buses. To distinguish the routes of urban and suburban route by the color of vehicle blue and red, respectively. The entrance to city buses only via the front door. Here is the calculation. It is advisable to carry change. You can go through any door. To inform the driver about the need to stop, click the corresponding button in the cabin. The schedule of bus routes can be found on the official website.

Stay on the Costa Blanca are of two types – outdoor and indoor. Here tourists can get information about the numbers of the buses that are here to stay. For the comfort of tourists in the summer started additional flights.


Alicante tram – interurban rather than urban transport. In consonant with the Russian word trams in Alicante they called metro. Clean and comfortable cars equipped with air conditioning, with a specially equipped places for the disabled and wheelchairs. High-speed trams – a new form of transport, the construction of the branches began in 2003. Today there are 6 branches. In the near future the authorities plan to start the construction of the new airport of Alicante.

Electric train

Unpopular and gradually isihome a form of transport in Alicante. They all depart from the train station. Located in the centre of the city. The main directions – to the South and inland. The cost of the ticket which can be purchased in a specialized machine at the station, here are the information about the distance of the route and the time spent on the journey, in Spanish and English.

The options fare

To pay for travel on public transport in one of two ways – in cash (payment for one-time travel) and a magnetic card. The average cost of one trip through the city of 1.3-1.4 euros.

If you are planning a rich program of travel, travelers are encouraged to purchase a card for 10-30 trips. In this case, one trip will cost less euros. The card is not embossed, at the same time they may be used by several people.


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