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The Spanish Alicante is an ideal family holiday! Here on every corner playgrounds, where young campers will be able to neresnitsa. Beaches with calm waters and gentle slopes ensure a safe pastime in the water. For true impressions will have to go outside of the city.

Terra Mítica

One of the largest amusement parks in Benidorm opens its doors in Benidorm. For reviews of seasoned tourists to visit Terra Mitica is with children older than 5-6 years. The creators have tried to organize the visitors a real journey around the world – Greece, Egypt, Iberia, Rome. In each zone, the mass of interesting places, theme areas, restaurants with national cuisine of the region.

To get to the Terra mítica theme Park airport is a comfortable city buses numbered 1 and 3. For a positive experience for adults and children will have to pay 39 and 28 euros respectively. Pre-booking tickets online the box office of the tourist center gives you a decent discount.

Terra Natura

The idea of theme parks picked up Benidorm to organize on its mountainous outskirts of the hotel. To the visitors four zones: Europe, America, Asia and Pangaea. Each of them represented by animals, characteristic of the prevailing climatic zones. Only Terra Natura you can see more than 1.5 thousand representatives of fauna! The cost of visiting the amazing natural reserve of the Costa Blanca includes the performance of the clowns and puppet theater. For a fee you can feed the elephants and pony rides. Price per adult € 30, children € 24. Will take to the destination, as in the previous case, buses 1 and 3.


To get a shot of adrenaline invites the Rincon area of Benidorm and the water Park Aqualandia. After an exciting journey on water mazes you can eat in one of the many cafes in the water Park. When parents want to relax on the decorative beaches, kids will take animators.

Entrance fee to the amusement Park, and water for visitors older than 12 years will cost 38€, children 4-12 years – 29 euros. Children under 4 years are free. You can get here on the 1st bus or 2nd with one change.

Dinosaur Park

In the mountains behind the town of Callosa de en Sarria is the beautiful dinosaur Park. The striking realism of prehistoric animals, some of them move and make a frightening growl. In dinopark there are several cafes, amazing themed serving dishes, and a 3D cinema.

Better get here by car. The road from Alicante takes about 45 minutes to an hour. Tickets cost 15 and 10 euros for an adult and a child.

Safari Aitana Park

Another entertainment Park in the province of Alicante is located in the settlement Panagia. To reach it you will have to climb the mountain of Sierra deAitana to the height of over 1000 meters. Animals in the Safari Park live without cages and pens – in their native environment. Travel through its territory is carried out on the machine.

The cost of an adult ticket – 20 euros, kids 16.

We've only told you about some of the amusement parks near Alicante, in fact, there are many more.


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