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Property in Spain: pros and cons

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The possibility of investing in European real estate attracts more and more domestic investors. One of the most popular countries is Spain – a territory with a rich cultural heritage, with hundreds of kilometers of white beaches promises maximum profitability of the business. Whether so it actually? The pros and cons of buying property in Spain.

Arguments "FOR»

The 2008-2012 crisis has left behind. The economy in Spain is growing as the real estate market. Demand for real estate increases, and with it grow and prices. Apartments rose by 6 per cent compared with the previous 2017 year. Consumer demand is growing along with the market. The number of transactions is growing sales in November 2017 have increased by 20%.

Another argument "FOR" the possibility of further rental real estate for rent. The number of tourists increases. Alicante airport in 2017, moved 2 times more passengers compared with the year 2016. At the end of autumn 2017 national Institute of statistics INE (Instituto Nacional de Estadística) reported that Spain was attended by a record 78 million tourists.

Another argument FOR this is the loan interest rate. Mortgage loan you can make from 2,5% per annum, not even being resident in the country. Of course, it will have to prepare documents and to get around a few banks but it's worth it.

Buying a property more than 500 thousand euros, you get the "Golden visa".

Buying a Villa or apartment in the Costa Blanca region you can travel around Spain and easy to reach by ferry, Ibiza or Boliarska Ostrava. Madrid, Barcelona and Malaga are equal distance from the main town of the coast of Alicante.

In addition to the above: more than 300 Sunny days a year, quality is not expensive food, friendly attitude of the locals and warm sea.

Arguments "AGAINST»

To the way of life of Spanish immigrants from the former Soviet Union difficult to get used to. A three-hour Siesta paralyzes the whole city – government offices, shops and restaurants.

Mass celebrations – Fiesta tightened after midnight, residents of the Central districts of the city about a peaceful sleep these days can only dream about. To life, similar to eternal holiday used immediately. But, when "drawn", you begin to love the country and its citizens for the ability to enjoy each moment. Here nature itself to it has.

To get to the foreign "cottages" have potratila. Go to the expense and finances, and time. For example, to get to Madrid from Moscow direct flight will be 5 hours to Barcelona in a little less than – 4, -5 to Alicante. The cost of travel ranges from 15-25 thousand rubles, in season can be expensive, if you do not take care of this in advance.







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