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The most common mistakes when buying property in Spain

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The purchase of real estate is a responsible and important moment in the life of any person. The most common desire is to buy a property where you are vacationing. Tourism agencies organise tours to the "popular places" can be just nearby, there are places not nearly as good, less well known, but housing there is cheaper. For Example, Alicante. All I know Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Malaga and Ibiza, but few people know that the province of Alicante located on the Costa Blanca, a favorite vacation spot of native Spaniards, and of Denia for a couple of hours, you can take a ferry to Ibiza. To buy a property here can be much cheaper than Barcelona or Malaga.

Many aspire to buy a home closer to the sea. On the first line of Spaniards buy them very rarely, probably in the neighborhood will live a foreigner. And then life around you will boil only in the summer season. The demand for this property is high and the price is correspondingly higher. In winter the sea strong winds, even at a temperature of +10 degrees is a feeling that outside the window - 10.

Another misconception is that in Spain you can buy a cheap property in the range of 20-30 thousand euros, but for some reason, many believe that it should be super flat in the center or in the prestigious area of the city? This is not so. In Spain, as throughout the civilized world, good is expensive. Before deciding on Prikope housing at this price I advise you to walk a couple of days around. Sit in a local bar, Breakfast in the neighbouring café, to have lunch or dinner in a restaurant next to the future place of residence, to pay attention to those who will be near you. If these people you are comfortable and do not cause negative emotions, keep the buying process you are interested in the object.

Another, pick up something expensive and then sell and buy better. It is possible to consider such an option, but first ask about the taxes accompanying the process of buying and selling, and consider it in your calculations.

Many people try to save money on payment of services of real estate Agency and buy on your own or through friends who have already bought and "know everything". First, the services the Agency pays the seller. Secondly, buy a direct line, passing through the street saw the announcement of the sale need to call and talk, usually in Spanish. But you already did the realtors, and as a rule, ad weighs where the Agency has not been able to convince the seller that he sells above the market. And perhaps in this house there is an apartment at a lower price, but learn about it you can not. Third, the Agency not only selects, but accompanies all phases of the transaction.

Sometimes buyers are well versed in the procedure of buying and even know about the taxes and cost of registration, but they forget to ask about the maintenance costs. Find out what to do after you become the rightful owner of his property. What are the taxes per year and where you will need to pay if you are a resident.

Intending to buy property for subsequent lease with the aim to recoup the cost of the contents it is necessary to understand that the lease is long-term and short-term, with the requirements of the building and its location differs significantly changed the price. Counting the rental income, don't forget about taxes and additional costs that will arise when leasing your real estate.

The specialists of our Agency Alicante-house will help to realize your dream of buying an apartment or a house, will provide a full consultation on all matters related to acquisition, taxation and maintenance of your property in Spain.



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