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Even if in the Spanish Alicante tourists settled in a five-star hotel where everything is included, that is no reason not to visit the local markets. This is a good opportunity to feel the local flavor, to practice the language enough to bargain.

Central market

Mercado Central on Avenida de Alfonso El Sabio – the largest of the markets, and its architecture with reliefs, stucco work and mosaics will be automatically included in the list of attractions of Alicante. The area near the shopping center – the place to stop 90% of urban transport, and the unspoken point of reference for visitors to the city.

The Central market of Alicante is open from half 8 to 2 hours every day except Monday and Sunday.

The entire first floor is occupied by fresh meat and products of its processing – canned food, sausages, smoked meats, etc. On the bottom (accessed by the excavator) are the fish, seafood, vegetables and fruits.

In the opinion of tourists, it is most advantageous to come to closure – you can get a good discount. If you select a seller and buy from him all the time, the buyer are able to remember and begin to put the acceptance of gifts.

Produce markets in Alicate

A range of local shops is quite diverse. The abundance of vegetables and fruit is present year-round, usually fairly good quality. But the desire to buy a ripe fruit, choose the most delicious varieties of tomatoes, so to speak, from his garden are forced to go to market.

Quality and inexpensive price guides sent to the city markets. With the largest of them we met above. It's time to mark less popular located in different areas of the city:

Babel, located in the same area (Babel, Carrer Asil);

The Carolinas (Carolinas, Calle San Mateo, 23);

Benalua (Benalúa Carrer Perez Medina,2);

San Juan (Carrer del Mercat, 26, of San Juan de Alacant).

The official days of the markets – Monday – Saturday, doors open from 7:30 to 14:30. During the fairs here come the farmers from the surrounding areas. The range here is wider than in shopping malls, and the prices are lower.

Open market Teulada (Teulada Calle) is on Thursdays and Saturdays from 8 to 14, it attracts as private entrepreneurs and major manufacturers and to find here almost everything: a huge range of vegetables and fruit for every taste and purse, typical Spanish sweets, including the well-known bakeries, grocery, pickles, freshly baked bread, clothing stalls with clothes and shoes. In the markets, it is usually possible to bargain, the sellers are willing to knock down the price for large volume purchases. Locals go to these markets with a special trucks and stuffed them to overflowing, that would products enough until the next time.

Flea markets

Fans to buy branded clothes, crockery and antique Souvenirs for the lowest price on a straight road flea shopping in Alicante.

Market square Agotamiento closed on Sundays and holidays. Will be interesting to numismatists, philatelists and collectors of Antiques.

What to buy on market Plaza Santa Phases? Vintage jewelry (rings, brooches, bracelets), accessories. Here the traders are facing the street in the evening from 19:00.

To find out more information about markets in the province of Alicante, travellers should contact their local help Desk.



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