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Holidays in Alicante – exotics and color for the tourists. To get acquainted with the culture of the people living in the territory of eternal summer, you should plan a vacation during a major event.

Las Hogueras De San Juan

The biggest and anticipated event of the year. It said the local population for 2 centuries. It is based on the tradition to burn old unnecessary things and arrange dances near the fire. Las Hogueras De San Juan is celebrated on the night of 23 to 24 June the longest day of the year. In preparation for the celebration of the fire created a giant paper figures of politicians, celebrities, human vices (in a satirical way), which subsequently burned EN masse. On the eve of the feast organized many additional festivals, horse racing, bullfighting, sports marathons, concerts. For residents of the Costa Blanca is the second New year. They feast, walk, hold ceremonial processions, fireworks. In street stalls you can try the local delicacy – cake with figs and tuna. In the days following the festival of lights, are contests a laser show on the Central promenade.

The celebration of the Los Reyes Magos

According to legend, the three wise men brought to the cradle of Jesus Christ gifts. The official holiday is celebrated from 5 to 6 Jan a colourful parade with the carnival procession, where children give bright trinkets and sweets are homemade. Homeowners are competing in skill to decorate the facades with thousands of glowing light bulbs. The festival is planned for the evening, but the seats in the first row guests take another with lunch.


Large, expected and favorite holiday of the province of Alicante. There is no exact date from year to year it changes. The event marks the arrival of spring, many consider it a distant relative of our carnival. Local pre-cook their colorful costumes in the most unimaginable images and come together in the Central streets of the city. A massive procession is accompanied by drums, launch the balloons and confetti. It is considered a good tradition to dress all family members in the same outfits. Looks inimitable company of four or five Elvises or Merlot Monroe. And what about the herd of zebras or spotted cows?

La Semana Santa

Procession appointed for the last days of April. In festival take part from 25 national communities. On some days the traffic on the main streets from Domingo de Ramos to Resurrection overlap. Thousands of pilgrims lined up in neat four columns, headed by a Lonely set of sculptures "Sea" Virgo, Virgo Feelings. In the processions of Holy Wednesday, held in Seville style, the object of worship are the sculptures of the Great and the Relics of SV. Hope.

Santa Faz

Holiday time – 14 days after Holy Week. Pilgrims from Alicante and the surrounding villages gather at the Cathedral. Nicholas and marching to the monastery of Santa faz. There anyone can kneel before the Shrine – relic brought a priest of Museum MENA in the 15th century. On a piece of cloth depicts the face of Jesus Christ, who, according to tradition, cures from diseases.

Moors and Christians

The most famous Spanish holiday in Alicante will be held from 9 to 12 June. The festival is celebrated from the 17th century to commemorate the victory of Patriotic forces over the Muslims. Each region of the country celebrates this event in different time of year – autumn, spring or summer, but the ideology and themes of the events a single.

One of the largest in scale and rich in entertainment, your holiday is carnival, which seems to have no end, the procession in retro costumes, the fireworks, the recreation of scenes of battles between Christians and Moors. Street markets are transformed into medieval market square, in the parks line up these locks. According to local tradition, Moros y Cristianos – this is a reference to the sources, the occasion to show that children remember the contribution of their ancestors in their freedom and independence. In a bloody war killing hundreds of thousands of Spaniards. Along the route set by several rows of plastic chairs so the audience could comfortably watch hours of action. Cost of 1 place from 3 to 5 euros.

A specific schedule of events, routes, religious and civil processions are posted on the official website of the city.


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