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Attractive than Spain for tourists? Come here for a relaxed holiday on the beautiful beaches, sightseeing, viewing famous attractions. In recent years the province of Alicante attracts those wishing to improve their health, relax and rejuvenate.

Many tourists from Alicante airport go immediately to the Mar Menor. Unique location on the Mediterranean coast in the province of Murcia. One of the largest lagoons separated from the sea by dvadtsatikilometrovaya scythe.

Water and mud baths of the Mar Menor contain iodine Pro salt and unique minerals in high concentrations. In hotels on the first line around the coast of the SPA centers of different level and orientation of the mud. In the town of Lo pagan mud bath treatments are available on a complimentary basis.

The fans soak up the warm rays of the sun will appeal to the perfect sandy beaches of the Mar Menor. In the "hot" season (may to September) in the lagoons the water temperature to 34 degrees Celsius with a plus sign. Pure water is ideal for bathing and recreation for kids.

Lakes Of Torrevieja

The area of Torrevieja, near the well-known far beyond Spain thanks to the famous salt lakes. The field was discovered in the 19th century since conusee fishing village has become the largest European center for the production and sale of salt.

The color of the lake tends to change depending on season and time of day. Gamma varies from light pink to deep crimson. Periodically, the sky over the lake has the same shade of pink.

In the unusual color of water color of her living in the Saltwater algae Dunaliella.

People staying in local hotels, the coat of mask to face and body natural origin, "sunbathe" under the sun half an hour, then wash off the mixture in the lake. As long as the water did not get into the eyes so going to the lake of Torrevieja, you should care about the bottle of clean water and shoes for swimming – the coarse salt crystals can hurt your legs. Skin after a visit to the natural SPA will become soft and velvety. Water, rich in mineral elements, healing. People come here from all over the world with serious dermatological diseases in the hope of healing.

San Pedro del Pinatar

At a distance of 25 kilometers from Torrevieja is a unique conservation area the San Pedro del Pinatar. Some of the best SPA resorts in Spain. A combination of black mud, the salt lake with a hot bottom and salty channel attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists from around the world. Access to all treatment sites for free. A modern approach to water. The only requirement is that placing local authorities to leisure – to keep clean and to wash the dirt in the same lake where she was recruited, avoiding the sea.

Salt lake – a man-made work of art. According to unconfirmed reports, they were built during the reign of the Roman emperors here. Reservoirs became a residence of pink flamingos, a unique species of marine life species that are found nowhere else on Earth!

Scientists Murinskogo University conducted a series of studies on the effectiveness of the local mud baths and came to the conclusion that they have a powerful beneficial effect on the entire body.

The area of the Costa Blanca – a rarity for cities in Europe. Here, clean air, healing waters, fresh sea food and Sunny weather over 300 days a year, and of course, beautiful sunsets!



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