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Landing at the airport of the Spanish province of Alicante first, where you want to go the beach. To run through the white sand, along the way, his shoes, feet immersed in the transparent water...and then the hotel, check in, lunch...

The area also boasts almost 250 kilometres of coastline to suit all tastes – for fans of lazy lie in the sun for surfers and divers, sailors and artists. To your attention the best beaches of Alicante.


It seems that only in Spain sandy beach can be in the city centre. From the territory with the length of 1 kilometer long and 50 meters wide and wonderful views. To the left rises the great mountain Benacantil with the famous far beyond the borders of the Costa Blanca fortress Holy Barbara, close to perfectly flat strip of palm trees crowned by a promenade, the Esplanade with the original tile walls. Within walking distance of cafes and restaurants with large terraces where you can taste delicacies of the national cuisine and to admire the endless sea. Confirmation of cleanliness, safety and comfort Postiguet is assigned the Blue flag. The water is clear, calm, in the evening there can be small waves. The entrance to the shallow sea, jellyfish does not happen, this makes the beach suitable for bathing children. The cleanliness of the territory in the center of the city is strictly monitored by local authorities. From 3 a.m. to 8 a.m. Postiguet is closed for tourists. With the help of special equipment utilities smooth the sand to remove debris, check the proper placement of warning buoys. Offering beach lovers showers, well-maintained toilet, children's Playground, area for playing football and volleyball. On loan, you can use a chair or a lounger for 1.5 and 6 euros respectively. To get here from the Central area of Alicante on foot. The main entrance will take buses No. 21 and No. 22. For those who prefer to travel by private transport, equipped with public and private Parking.

San Juan

Area with clean sand located in the same area of the city has a length of 3 kilometers. The beach is far from the city center to the North (9 miles). Has no clear boundaries, on the one hand it merges with the beach of Muchavista in El Campello, on the other enters the Bay of Cabo de Huertas.

The embankment is represented by a string of souvenir shops, restaurants and bars, most of which are open till sunrise. At the main entrance to San Juan flying the blue flag. So the Foundation for environmental education noted for its ecological purity, safety and convenience. The width of the coastal zone is 80-90 metres. Even with the massive influx of tourists to stay comfortably manage each. The sand is fine, clean, to lie on it comfortably even without a towel. The shallow entry into the water, what is safe for children and the elderly. On the territory of the beach is equipped with sports and leisure children's Playground. Of the traditional amenities – toilet, shower, for a small fee you can rent a sunbed 4 euros, complete with a parasol for 8 Euro. Allowed to use personal equipment. Umbrellas and sunbeds are cheaper than Central Postgate. The difference in price is due to the range location of the beach and makes up for the cost of travel by public transport. In the opinion of tourists in San Juan, there is one disadvantage. The sun is positioned stationary at a distance of 30 meters from the sea. So, parents will not be able to fully monitor their children playing in the water. And run on the hot sand at noon can be a real challenge even for "seasoned" campers.

To get to the beach by tram, which leaves from the centre of Alicante every half hour. In the way passengers on average spend 30 minutes. For guests on personal or rented cars are Parking.


In the North-East of Alicante in Spain to plunge into the clear waters of the Mediterranean sea invites small but cosy beach. Guides direct all who are drawn to peaceful contemplation of the sea surface. The fuss and crowds of tourists here. Albufereta is located in a small Bay. It is always quiet, no storms. The beach area is small – half a kilometer in length and 30 meters in width. From city it is separated by a series of apartment buildings. On both sides of the towering pinnacle rock. As in the first two cases, the beach has the Blue flag. The albufereta landscaped a few years ago. In 20-ies of XX century in its place was a shallow swamp, which artificially dried. In 2010, the coast is lined, has installed showers, toilets, entertainment and sports fields. Parallel opened cafes and bars, there was Parking. You can get here on trams numbered 1 and 3 in 20 minutes or by bus number 9 and number 22.


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