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Under the rays of the bright sun, washed by the waters of the Mediterranean coast, Alicante. With a modest area (201 sq km) and a population of just over 300 thousand people the city has a turbulent history. Being under the rule of the Roman Empire, he was captured by the Arabs survived the Reconquista and the civil war. A change of government, religions, and philosophy left an imprint on architecture. Here harmoniously coexist Gothic and Baroque, elements of the ancient Arab culture and modern trends.

Going on a trip to European resorts, special attention should be paid to the Costa Blanca, particularly Alicante. Peaceful beach holiday in harmony with a cultural program. The main sights are concentrated in the city centre, there really is something to see!

Esplanade – the city's main Boulevard

Deservedly occupies the top position in the list of 10 best places for photos! Here marble slabs underfoot unite and repeat the patterns of the waves. Along the Boulevard rise the spreading trees. Every evening you can catch a performance of street musicians. On one side of the Esplanade are a variety of gift shops, restaurants and bars, where tourists can taste the best seafood in Spain!

St. Mary's Church

The main attractions in Alicante is the temples. The most popular of those honored is the Iglesia de Santa Maria. The temple was first built in the XIV century, a century was destroyed by fire and then rebuilt again. The portal and the altar, skillfully executed in the Baroque style, striking in their subtlety and beauty. The descriptions of the city guides is that the Church is famous not only for its architecture, it has a rare collection of paintings, which will be envied by major museums around the world.

The Museum of modern art

Without leaving the square from the Church, tourists should visit the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Alicante Maca. There are a few hundred paintings from international artists. The paintings are in the most interesting sights of Alicante can trace the development of painting in the style of modernism and abstraction throughout the twentieth century. In the halls of the Museum exhibited works by Chagall, miró, Ernst, Kandinsky, Giacometti and many others.

Cathedral of St. Nicholas

The next biggest Church in Alicante is considered to be the Concatedral de San Nicolas, erected in honor of the patron Saint of the city - St. Nicholas in the XVII century. The basis for the Cathedral was the ruins of a Muslim mosque. The impressive altar, the marble Cathedral in the style of Renaissance and Baroque leave indescribable experience to its visitors. The walls of the temple are kept the relics of Saints Francis and Felicity.

The Fortress Of Santa Barbara

What is certainly worth a look in Alicante and Castillo de Santa Barbara. The building towers over the city at a height of over 160 meters on mount Benacantil. The fortress repeatedly was exposed to destructions and reconstructions. Then been used as a prison. For tourists and the film industry landmark Spanish Alicante was opened only in 1963. On its territory there are museums, showrooms, historic defensive structures and florid passages, to wander which is very exciting. Climb to the top of the building, you can do one of the following methods:

walk through green Park and one of the oldest districts free of charge;

- high-speed Elevator in a matter of minutes for a fixed fee.

Archaeological Museum of Alicante MARQ

It is impossible to ignore the Museo Arqueologico Provincial de Alicante. Throughout its history, and a Museum was in 1932, he managed to create a huge collection of Iberian, Roman and later eras. Within its walls are kept the archaeological values of world religions: Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Recently, the Museum was voted one of the best in Europe.


Plaza de toros de Alicante includes several rooms for exhibitions and concerts, information stands provided information on local famous bullfighters and interesting tournaments. Tourists can try on the outfit the tamer of bulls and take a picture with themed paraphernalia. Outside the Bullring is the most green area of the city of Alicante Plaza de Espana. There is a monument to the picador and the furious bulls. There are fountains, less significant sites. Special attention deserves the miniature filling liquid different containers. Everyone can come, and by simple movements start the process of "supply".

The number of attractions is impressive. Emotions that gives this picturesque resort, will remain in memory for a long time.


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