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Tourists who want to relax on the Costa Blanca land at the international airport of Alicante.

A brief history

The complex, named in honor of the eponymous province, was opened to visitors and the local population in the spring of 1967. 3 next year, the complex is rapidly gaining momentum and is accepted annually by 1 million people. The authorities decided to build a new terminal and extend the length of the runway by a third.

In 1996, Alicante was subjected to a complete redesign, built area VIP-guests, office buildings, etc. In 2011 built the last terminal that can receive up to 20 million passengers annually.

To date, the Spanish Alicante airport is a hub for companies Iberia, Ryanair, EasyJet.

General information

Alicante Airport scale ranks 5th in the country. Located in the municipality of Elche is 9 km from Alicante city. The terminal has 4 levels:

  1. The reception area
  2. Arrival hall
  3. The departure lounge
  4. Cargo terminal

At the airport you can exchange currency, shop duty free, the tax return is tax-free, to buy local Souvenirs, dine in cafes and fast-food outlets, medical services.

Employees of the airport of Alicante is welcoming and polite. Night turns off most lights, and the staff behaves as quietly, not to disturb the guests waiting for the flight. Waiting for departure, passengers economy class for a fixed fee can go to the comfort lounge.

Transport from the airport

Between the complex and the centre of Alicante and also the nearest resorts-oiled bus service.

The first bus route C-6 departs from the second floor of the terminal at 6am. It is possible to quickly reach the railway and bus station, the Terminus hotel at Melia. To leave the bus can be up to 23 hours, sending without delay three times in an hour. The fare is 4 euros.

Bus 1A are lucky on the East of Spain in Benidorm for 1.5 euros. With an interval of 60 minutes a day and 120 night leaves transport in Bending. The cost of the ticket is 10 euros.

Taxi, unlike the above-described form of public transport, offer your services around the clock. Free cars can be seen on the entrance/exit of the terminal or booked in advance through a special website. The cost of travel to the major resort towns is fixed, indicated on the information Board near the taxi stand. For example the fare from the airport to the city of Alicante for EUR 24.

At the airport of Alicante offices, offering to take the car into a temporary rental. When planning a trip, it is advantageous to pre-book a car. This will allow you to save up to 25-30% of the actual rental value.

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