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10 reasons to hurry with investments in the real estate market of Spain

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The real estate market of Spain has been shaken in 2007, making many of its members bankrupt. The government has revised the principles of taxation and regulation of business, the developers adopted the experience of successful countries in Europe, entrepreneurs with responsibility for the conclusion of transactions. For 10 years they managed to turn an unprofitable sector of the economy in a prosperous sector of the active foreign investment.

Experts predict a systematic increase of real estate prices in a hot country and also lead the top 10 arguments in favor of investing in it means.

1. The growth in the number of transactions.

In 2017, compared with the previous year, the number of concluded real estate transactions increased by 17.8%. Registered more than 200 thousand operations. Popularity among buyers of used commercial real estate in Valencia, the Canary and Balearic Islands.

2. High profitability.

The Spanish property market level of return on investment is second only to the several countries of Europe. Conclusively high profitability is the rising cost of rent and a rapidly developing tourism industry.

3. Tourists prefer private housing to stay.

The number of foreign tourists Spain ranks 3rd in the world. More and more holidaymakers hotels prefer private apartments, houses or villas.

4. The change in net profit in the consolidated areas.

Best direction of investment are Central areas of major cities. The commercial and residential areas is beneficial in increasing demand and increasing supply constraints. We are talking about Barcelona, Madrid and other cities with high levels of socio-economic activity.

5. Competitive cost of real estate.

With the peak coming in mid-2006, home prices have fallen by more than half. Over the next 10 years, the cost has increased only by 7%. Low interest rates supported by high profits and attract investors to invest in local real estate. The Spanish market has 4% of net income that is almost twice the yield from Bank deposits. The important role played by the possibility of obtaining a fixed income and minimal risk.

6. Developed infrastructure and communication networks.

For the southern States is characterized by a wide network of car and railway roads, numerous airports and seaports. There are all conditions for development of tourism and trade. The length of railway lines is 2.9 thousand kilometers, the number of high-speed trains of Spain leaves the neighbors far behind.

7. Prime location.

Spain – best for long-term investments and international business in Europe. Do not forget that it is a "gateway" for communication with Africa and South America. At the disposal of the state's three largest port in Barcelona, Algeciras and Valencia.

8. The favorable climate and high quality of life.

The issue of immigration Iberia the third most popular in the world. Well-developed health care system, rich cultural heritage, gourmet, stable environment for doing business. Incentive to purchase Spanish property is 8 thousand kilometers of coastal areas with its pristine beaches and more than 300 clear days a year.

9. Projected rapid growth in property prices.

Apartments, bought a couple of years ago, are now worth 30-40% more expensive. The reason for the rapidly growing demand for residential and commercial properties, experts say the increase in their prices.

10. The importance of the economy.

In terms of GDP the country's economy ranks 11th in the world. The level of exports of commercial services - 9th place. It is home to an active and competitive population, the level of education of the younger generation aspiring to the maximum.

Describes 10 reasons for the attractiveness of investing in Spanish property is a great incentive to get to work on your savings.


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